[RESOLVED] Service Alert: Cannot Connect to Service/Find or Create Lobby

Re: ! Matchmaking service alert - Activision Community

As the services come back online it takes about 10 minutes , you'll be able to play in between cycles until we initiate the next one. We're currently targeting to cycle the services every minutes, and will be putting info up on the in-game news feed to help bring awareness to this.

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  • Matchmaking Service Alert for Xbox 360.

As the services are rebuilding, players should be able to jump in game and play Deformers until the next cycle begins. Thanks everyone for all the reports you've sent in and patience you've had; we're hoping that the information we can gather with this process can help us pinpoint the source of the errors you've experienced so we can resolve them.

Xbox Live Status

Should be on the way back up, but you may need to restart your clients before attempting to matchmake again. Thanks for your patience!

Tired of Poor Connections? Johnny and June Matchmaking Service

Please give it about 15 minutes to fully reset, then re-attempt to matchmake at that time. Sorry for the inconvenience! We're actually just going to retire our old matchmakers as they were becoming problematic. Working on getting up new shiny ones with some additional updates that we hope will help! Thanks again for your patience!

UBC researchers create matchmaking service

Looks like the updated matchmakers are having a service interruption; investigating it now for emergency maintenance. We've made some additional adjustments to our services and it's looking like PC players are no longer receiving the "Could not find or create a lobby" errors that were frequent over the past couple of days.

snehulmalucri.gq If you're still running into this error, please let us know [talk. Sprocketfix 30 Apr, 3: Caerne 29 Apr, Peepr 23 Apr, 4: This game looks fun and all, but the price is honestly disgusting Nobody wants to play a steam game with connectivity issues and lacks of content for Sprocketfix 23 Apr, 6: Same as other ppl, no players in lobby. LilTrashPanda 23 Apr, 3: It may be beneficial for y'all to jump on our Discord server and coordinate times to play together or at least add each other to your friends list so you have a go-to group you can queue up with.

Also, if you've got some extra controllers around, you can play up to 4-player splitscreen from your PC in case you have some friends over!

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